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  • Somehow, I've managed to screw up the settings on my main computer so that HTTP Basic Authentication only works if it's opened in a new tab while remaining on the current tab. I've tested with a VM and a fresh install of Vivaldi so I know that normally it works just fine and it's only my current main computer that has the issue.

    Test site:

    So for example, if I ctrl-click or middle-mouse-button-click on that link then it opens in a new tab while focus remains on this forum post - I also get an HTTP Basic Authentication overlay asking for username and password. This works.

    However, if I just click on the link regularly or if I open it from another application (such as a link that someone sends to me by instant message or email) or even if I type the address in to the address bar and hit enter to open it in the current window then I do not get any popup asking for credentials. The status bar indicates that I am transitioning to that page but it's clearly waiting on something.

    I was initially planning to open this as a bug but now believe that it's not a problem with Vivaldi as a whole, just the settings I'm currently using. The question is, what setting causes this problem? Is there a way I can provide a list of all of my settings so you can help find the problem child?


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    @fiernaq Do you use extensions?

  • I hadn't tried turning them all off (I usually disable most of them while testing). Turns out the problem is with chromeIPass used for KeePass. Thanks for the suggestion. Time to go bug their forums (pardon the pun).

  • Ok, did a bit more testing on a blank test VM with fresh installs of Vivaldi and Chrome.

    Vivaldi with only ChromeIPass extension - works
    Vivaldi with no extensions - works

    Chrome with only ChromeIPass extension - works
    Chrome with no extensions - works

    I then tested back on my main system with the existing well used installs of both Vivaldi and Chrome.

    Vivaldi with only ChromeIPass extension - broken
    Vivaldi with no extensions - works

    Chrome with only ChromeIPass extension - works
    Chrome with no extensions - works

    It seems that there's a specific problem with ChromeIPass on Vivaldi and tied somehow to my system, either with my browser profile or with my installation of KeePass or one of the KeePass components.

    I went ahead and did the easy first troubleshooting step - uninstalled KeePass, KeePassHTTP (it's just a single plugin file), and ChromeIPass extension from Vivaldi and deleted the KeePass directory from the Program Files (x86) folder. Next, I installed KeePass from a fresh download, copied in a fresh KeePassHTTP file to the plugins folder, and installed the ChromeIPass extension on Vivaldi again.

    This works. Everything is fixed. Not sure what the cause was but completely replacing KeePass solved the problem. Just wanted to share this here in case anyone else has a similar issue.


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