It hungs after PC sleep mode and after restart clears all tabs

  • After sleep mode of my PC (where it was a little loaded in memory) I use Opera and Vivaldi where in Opera I have 40+ tabs and in Vivaldi it was around 15 when I start my laptop and wanted to use Vivaldi i showed me all but I was not able to click anywhere or change the tabs. When I shut it down and open again it flushed all my tabs, even the PINNED ones... it happened to me many times but there is no error message or anything I could provide to you to tell what is the cause. There is not even "No responding".
    And it clears absolutely all history of tabs... I have now only tabs from now when I'm writing this post.

  • Moderator

    Yes, we have some rare bugreports of Vivaldi hanging after waking up the PC. But these issues were not reproducible for the internal testers and developers.

    But i heard from other users on some machines it happens with virtual NICs or on virtual machines.


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