Vivaldi UI stops responding but I can still scroll the current page. (Bug? Gentoo Linux / 1.13.1008.40_p1)

  • I've hit this bug a couple of times. I'll be browsing and Vivaldi starts to get slower and slower, eating up ram. All of a sudden, I loose control of the UI. I can't click on the tabs, scroll or use Ctrl+W to close the current tab. I can't seem to use any hotkeys, but the current page being viewed is still scrollable, and sometimes clickable!

    I'll run a killall -9 vivaldi-bin and restart it. It restores all the windows, but the UI is still totally locked, even when killing and reopening Vivaldi several times. Sometimes I just keep hitting Ctrl+W as it's starting, hoping I can kill what might be an offending tab.

    Sometimes that works (I think) and sometimes I'll just leave it alone for a few minutes or overnight and it will start magically working again the next morning.

    I tried searching but couldn't find a bug about this. Is there an open issue? Are there any workarounds?

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