Old linux support

  • Hi, i am a user of a multi-boot system, meaning i have various OS's ranging from windows xp and ubuntu 7.10 & 11.04 (x86 releases) along side newer linux releases including ubuntu mate 16.04 x64.
    I use vivaldi already in my ubuntu mate 16.04 installation (along with opera-next 12.16 and opera 45), but in my older OS's i have been running opera 12.16 .
    I have tried the oldest release (vivaldi-stable_1.0.435.38-1) on the vivaldi older releases page, and not even it works with my ubuntu 11.04 .
    Is there any way to get vivaldi on my older linux distros?
    For now, i have settled for a windows vm running vivaldi on these older linux installs but it would be nice to have it installed natively.


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