Vivaldi starts quarter sized in MiyoLinux - Devuan derivative.

  • Knowing that MiyoLinux is a minimalist distro (based on Devuan) without even a web browser installed from the get go, I downloaded a copy of Vivaldi and copied the .deb file onto a USB stick before I installed Miyo. The first thing after installing Miyo, I installed Vivaldi and everything worked fine. I later installed NVIDIA drivers for my graphics card and everything works as it should. However, now when I open Vivaldi, it only fills a quarter of my screen real estate, so I have to press the resize button every time I restart Vivaldi. Is there a way to reset the size that Vivaldi opens to at start?

  • @globetrotterdk
    Hi, this is a bug since some time on Linux and Windows.
    They are working on it.
    It is a bit irritating but not really a big problem.
    Iirc it is fixed for Windows 10 at this point.

    Cheers, mib

  • @globetrotterdk

    Try the chromium command line switch --start-maximized


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