I can't set the home page - FVD Speed Dial

  • I used to be able to set the home page to my speed dial extension (FVD Speed Dial). Whilst I can get this speed dial page to load when Vivaldi starts, and when I open a new tab, pressing the home button results in the browser going to the Vivaldi speed dial page.

    I can't set the home page to a specific start page anymore, it defaults to "https://...". Even if I use "chrome-extension://...", it prepends the "https://" text at the beginning again.

    I'm using the latest dev build (1.14.1064.3) on Win 7 64bit.

  • Moderator

    @spanakop under Menu/Tabs/New Tab Page/Start Page, is "Controlled by Extension" still set?

  • Yes it is.


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