A bug’s life at Vivaldi

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    We depend on reports from the Vivaldi community to find and fix bugs. We appreciate your bug reports, and no reports are ignored. Here’s what happens with your bug report when it reaches Vivaldi browser.

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    I don't have an issue with the Bug-tracker being closed, but I don't see why bug reporters cannot get some feedback on the bugs that they submitted, e.g.

    1. Marked as duplicate of {VB-Bug No)
    2. Fixed
    3. Cannot Reproduce
    4. By Design
    5. Assigned to developer

    It would be much more encouraging than complete silence after the initial automated confirmation of submission.

    I still have some very old bugs outstanding. It would be nice to know what is happening with them

    (VB-8008) Gesture Mapping Column in Settings Can Collapse to Zero
    (VB-8055) Icon to Show/Hide Panel on Wrong Side if Panels are on the Right
    (VB-15651) Pinned Tabs Cannot be Stacked (but stacked tabs can be pinned by using a shortcut)
    (VB-17208) Unable to Assign Rocker Gestures to Zoom in/out
    (VB-18100) Find in Page Toolbar Shows with F3 Find Next

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    @pesala said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:

    would be nice to know what is happening with them

    (VB-8008) Cannot reproduce (CNR)
    (VB-8055) Invalid
    (VB-15651) Reopend
    (VB-17208) Duplicate of VB-13614 Customize Rocker gestures
    (VB-18100) CNR

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    @gwen-dragon said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:

    @pesala said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:

    would be nice to know what is happening with them

    (VB-8008) Cannot reproduce (CNR)
    (VB-18100) CNR

    Thank you for checking. It is just as well I asked. Both are still very simple to reproduce.

    (VB-8008) Resize the Settings dialogue horizontally:

    0_1515496409349_Mouse Gestures.png

    (VB-18100) Press F3 in Opera 12.18, compare to Vivaldi.

    I don't understand why (VB-8055) is invalid. Clearly, the icon should move to the right when the panels are on the right. Moving the mouse right across the monitor to close/open the panel makes it useless.

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    @pesala said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:


    Can confirm what you describe, reopend VB-8008.

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    @gwen-dragon Do you understand the issue with F3 reported in (VB-18100) ? Firefox behaves exactly the same as Opera. Only Vivaldi shows the Find in Page Toolbar.

    0_1515498322058_Find Shortcuts.png

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    @pesala said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:


    Can confirm the F3 issue, reopend bug.

  • I understand the reasoning behind the tracker not being public, but I'd really like to see at least status information in a way. During the last year I sent in these tickets, there were 0 updates about them:


  • @pesala said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:

    I don't have an issue with the Bug-tracker being closed, but I don't see why bug reporters cannot get some feedback on the bugs that they submitted, e.g.

    Marked as duplicate of {VB-Bug No)
    Cannot Reproduce
    By Design
    Assigned to developer

    Surely all the reporter would be concerned about is:
    Duplicate - as he needs to look out for different bug number solution
    Cannot Reproduce - can provide more information/detail (as you did above 👌🏽 )

    By Design - does this mean it is now a Feature Request ?

    The progress (Assigned/Fixed) would be nice but not as important

    • Assigned is simply an indication that none of above apply
    • Fixed will appear in the changelog(s).

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    @tbgbe Assigned means someone is actually working on it. If it is not assigned then it is waiting in the queue so don't expect any progress for a while yet.

    By Design means it's not regarded as a bug. E.g. if the panel button is supposed to be on the left when the panels are on the right, then it should be reposted in the Feature Request thread, which I did already.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Move Hide/Show Panel Button to Right If Panels are on the right

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    @pesala: While it was closed so long ago I no longer remember the exact reason why. Once a bug is made invalid it could mean we have other plans for it already, or its not something we want to put resources on (yet). Many invalid reports have ended up being picked up / fixed. Hope this gives some insight.

  • Makes no much sense in having a bug tracker when users of the software cannot even see other reported bugs or status.. not surprising you have so many duplicated...

    mmb quick drag scrolling still broken. No idea what bug id that is.. probably reported multiple times.

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    @aronand There is a case for putting it somewhere else other than on the status bar, which may be disabled, but other places might have the same problem. Address bar space is precious and Extensions are on the right.

    I have long used GestureRight, GestureLeft to show/hide the Panels.

  • @gwen-dragon: @pesala:
    What Pesala said is what also I thought immediately after reading the article, because I have the same experiences with bugs reporting.
    The problem with rejecting bug reports is that no-one who has reported an error knows what's happening to it and what status it has. For this reason unnecessary duplicates appear.
    We should get at least some answer (by Jira system) when more information is needed to fully understand the bug, and those reports shouldn't be rejected.
    It's not about answering in comments, because this does not solve the problem.

  • @gwen-dragon:

    I don't see VB-18100 as an issue. On the contrary, I like the fact that I can see what is currently being searched in the page when I hit F3.
    Moreover, it can also be used as a visual confirmation that the search has been done. For example when the searched word has not been found. If no toolbar is displayed, it may be misunderstood.

    When the search is done, you hit ESC anyway, at least to remove the yellow highlights of the results. As the toolbar is closed when hitting ESC, having displayed it does not even impact the user actions.

  • As others here have mentioned it would be great if users could view the issue tracker. Knowing whether or not a report already exists will cut down on duplicates and knowing the status can allow the reporters to provide more info if necessary.

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    Let's note also that the Sopranos are doing a huge work of triaging the bugs. It's worth saying it.

    I totally agree that the status of the bugs should be public, at least for those filed by the public. Not necessary their name, or even the discussion in it. But just their status.

    Finally, Vivaldi believes that a "good bug" is a bug that'll be filed again. Even if the first one is closed (by mistake or not), if it impact multiple persons, if it's important enough, somebody else will file it, and thus, there is another chance of fixing it.

  • I'm interested in knowing about your automated regression tests. What tools do you use, how tests are written, etc.

  • what about the idea from VB-34514 ?

    btw: thanks for this article

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    @derday said in A bug’s life at Vivaldi:


    I voted in bugtracker for this.

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