Tab bar is blocked when hovering over top of full screen mode

  • How to configure the related position to prevent blocking tab bar when hovering over top of full screen mode?

    Here is the capture from Opera and Vivaldi.
    Opera v.s. Vivaldi


  • Moderator

    @leoleelf FYI, I filed a bug for this back in November. I'm not sure how they'll end up fixing this. Possible approaches are:

    • Make it look the same as when the "Use Native Window" option is enabled.
    • Do something similar to Safari when it's in fullscreen mode.
    • Make the top of the window "slide down" when the menu bar drops down, similar to Chrome.

    I would personally lean towards a design where the window control buttons are not visible in fullscreen mode until you hover the pointer to reveal the macOS menu bar. However, any of the above options are better than the blank title bar that we currently have.


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