Sporadic problem when copying and pasting URLs

  • I wish I could share some concrete steps for reliably reproducing this ... but though I encounter it quite a lot it doesn't always happen and I can't seem to isolate the specific trigger for it.

    • I copy and paste a URL from a page
    • I open a new tab and paste in the URL from the clipboard
    • It gets mangled

    Though I'm using the word mangled, there is a kind of pattern to it. Suppose the URL I copied was https://some.website/abc/123 - then when the problem shows itself, the URL in the new tab would show as www.123.com.

    Weird eh? Certainly possible it's a local issue and relates to the distro I'm using or something else that's specific to me, but I wanted to share in case others were also hitting this.

  • @barrykenobi said in Sporadic problem when copying and pasting URLs:

    I copy and paste a URL from a page

    Assuming you meant just "copy" - how are you copying it(context menu, highlight and ctrl-c, other)?
    FYI I have not seen this on Windows 10 or on Linux Mint (I nearly always use context menu to copy).

    Also, what version of Vivaldi are you using?
    Do you have any extensions installed - have you checked with a clean profile?


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