New Linux-based Monero-mining botnet

  • Today's Help Net Security newsletter, news of a Python based crypto mining script that will mine Monero.
    Pycryptominer, as it has been named, can be "executed by a legitimate binary, which could be one of the PERL/Python/Bash/Go/PowerShell interpreters shipped with almost every Linux/Windows distribution", say the researchers at F5 Networks.
    Also the script does not try to contact a normal C & C server in a normal way, it does it via Pastebin... something many use and may be more difficult to block. Hopefully Pastebin's security team will delete this account (though this may be impossible as the user apparently is linked to "235 email addresses and more than 36,000 domains".
    See the link at the top of this post for even more information.

    Since I do not use Pastebin it is going into my Hosts file to be blocked (though that may create other problems as friends use it).


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