When does the Bookmarks file get a new modification date?

  • I have a pair of bash scripts that copy my Bookmarks file to and from Dropbox. They first check that the source file is newer than the destination file and only perform the copy if it is.

    if [[ "${localfile}" -nt "${cloudfile}" ]] ...

    Sometimes the backup runs when I know I haven't changed any bookmarks and sometimes the restore fails when I know the backup is newer.

    It seems like Vivaldi may be touching (changing the modification date of) the Bookmarks file when it starts up even when I have not accessed or modified any bookmarks. That's the only clue I have so far. It seems like it has something to do with Vivaldi starting up.

    Any ideas why this doesn't work as expected would be appreciated.

    I added a --force flag to my scripts to override the timestamp test.


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