What's the word on functions like exporting the speed dial?

  • So, easily exporting bookmarks into a handy little file like you can do in Chrome, isn't a thing [b]yet.[/b] But it's certain to come in due time. But what's the general word on future functions such as being able to export the Speed Dial? I have to admit that the one thing that finally proved to be the last drop, that made me say goodbye to modern Opera forever, was the lack of fundamental features such as easily exporting settings and lists. Even though you can circumvent the need to export the Speed Dial, by having a bookmarks folder with your Speed Dial entries(which Vivaldi already does), what's the general word on future functions in this regard? I've just learned about Vivaldi today, and spend the last two hours reading up on it. I have to admit that it sounds great and like it's definitely directed towards disappointed users of other browsers, but I couldn't really find anything on this regard.

  • I hope they get something like old Opera Sync together soon - it's one of the features I miss the most.

    In the mean-time, the kludgey way I've been exporting Vivaldi settings has been by going ton/%appdata%/Local/Vivaldi and copying the user data folder and pasting it to other machines. Passwords dont survive the trip, but every other setting seems to.


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