Vivaldi's window is rendered wrong sometimes after updating to Windows 10

  • Hi everyone.
    I've updated my OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and I am experiencing some strange behaviour of the Vivaldi browser. The part of the window with tabs and address bar go black from time to time, thouhg all the controlleing elements work if I manage to click them blindly.
    Does anyone have the same problem? Any solutions maybe?

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    @singen No, but there are three possibilities that occur to me:

    Having introduced a new operating system, you may need to refresh your profile.

    Since you are facing a display problem, you may want to look at your display drivers.

    At its current state of development, Vivaldi does want a lot of resources. Do you have plenty of processor power and plenty of RAM?

  • Thank you for the answer.

    1. I also thought that the issue was somehow caused by display drivers, but the problem is I can't do much with them. I've decided to uninstall the old driver and installed Radeon Crimson beta driver pack and so far it seems that everything works fine.

    2. I guess I have enough of porcess power and RAM, considering everything worked just fine on windows 8.1 (AMD A6-4400M 2700GHz, 8 Gb RAM)

    3. I didn't try to refresh the profile so far, because it driver update seems to solve the issue. I'll run it for some time and update this ticket on result.


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