Why did Local Forum moved to the top?

  • Why it was moved to the top of this forum? I liked it before, when Snapshots used to be on top.

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    @saudiqbal It is a sensible change to let non-English users know about the local forums and prevent them posting in their own language in the English forums.

    English speakers always get preferential treatment as if other languages don't even exist, but there are a heck of a lot of users whose first language is something else.

    Personally, I use the Unread link as my Speed Dial bookmark so I almost never see the forum index.

    If you like to follow the Snapshots, use that as your bookmark, then click on Unread or Recent to follow other threads.

    I see that all of the Snapshot threads on the forum have now been locked, and all new threads will appear on the [Team Blog](From now on you’ll find our Team Blog over at vivaldi.com/blog/ — Go check it out!). Clearly, the Snapshots announcements forum is no longer in use.

  • Thank you for rearranging the forum and moving local forum in the bottom. It looks perfect now.

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    And that only three years later. ^^ You're really not the fastest...

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    @Ice007 In another three years they might move them back to the top again so that non-English speakers can find them more easily. 😉

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