[PANELS] web.whatsapp.com gets redirected to the main whatsapp page and I cannot have a whatsapp side panel anymore

  • Today I discovered that I cannot use whatsapp web (web.whatsapp.com) from the side panel.
    It works as expected in the main window though.
    I tried switching from mobile to desktop and back again a few times on the panel options to no avail.
    I even tried the HTTP instead of HTTPS but it doesn't work either.
    Clicking on the "whatsapp web" menu on the main page (when displayied in the panel) has no effect at all (it reloads the main page).

    Does panels have their own cookies?

  • Can you try to recreate the panel? I had this problem too a while back and recreating it solved it for me.

  • Same for me, whatsapp in the panel is not working anymore. I tried to remove and read the panel without successful


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