New bookmark's folder name change

  • First of all loving Vivaldi!

    When I create a new folder using the bookmark sidebar, it used to create the folder and immediately put the folder name in to 'edit' mode for easy naming. This stopped working a few iterations ago. Now you have to manually click on the folder name (which is blank at this stage) multiple times to get the cursor in to it for renaming it.

    Not a massive bug by any means but I use a lot of folders for organising my bookmarks and its becoming a nuisance.

    Is it possible to go back to automatically put folder name in to edit mode when created?

    This is where I'm creating the folder from:


  • @zimini On Windows (sorry), the problem exists in Vivaldi 1.13.1008.36 (Stable channel)
    but is solved in the Snapshot 1.14.1047.3.

    When a folder is created the Title field (in edit area below bookmark list) is selected.


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