Synchronizing works only for a few components

  • Report of my synchronization:

    • Bookmarks and extensions were synchronized OK .
    • And that's about it, most of the other settings were not synchronized.

    Appearance settings: I had to redo most of the settings that I selected (colors, omnibox instead o two boxes)
    Bookmarks: the bookmarks bar was gone.
    Web panels that I added were also gone.
    Speed dials: bookmarks and folders that I created were there but also the original bookmarks that I had deleted.
    Browsing history: only a few of the sites that I visited over the last month were saved in the history (2 or 3 for each day and 6/8 pages versus several dozens and hundreds of pages actually.

    Maybe I missed something. Please let me know.
    A support page explaining in details how the synchronization should be handled on the first instance would be welcome.

    Thank you again for this nice browser. hope this post can contribute to improve it.

    Ps: The synchronization took about 10 mn (as far as I know since there is no notification when it is completed).

  • Addendum:
    The 2 search engines that I had added in the omnibox are gone.

  • Moderator

    You know that Sync is currently testing feature (not final yet) and a Snapshot is a beta browser for showing new features.

    You can see at vivaldi://sync-internals what is synced.

  • I understand that sync is being tested. That's why I did this report.
    It would be nice to have an update on what is operational and what is not.
    Have a nice day, J.

  • @jun75007 As Gwen said:

    You can see at vivaldi://sync-internals what is synced.

  • @pesala said in Synchronizing works only for a few components:

    @jun75007 As Gwen said:

    You can see at vivaldi://sync-internals what is synced.

    May be YOU can see. As for me, I am not able to decipher the tables. Could you please explain?

  • Moderator

    @jun75007 If you visit the "data" tab it will give you a list of each thing synced (or that can be synced).

    Though it is worth noting that when it mentions syncing "Preferences", I believe that currently this only refers to chrome settings and not those added by vivaldi (e.g. gestures)

  • May the developer should remove or grey out non functional settings.

    Cheers, mib


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