Open last session having private window opened

  • Hi guys. I have a question, but it seems like an issue.

    Well, I have a usual Vivaldi window with a number of tabs I don't want to close. They are reopened every time on browser start. Now I open a private window with some tabs and then close the usual window.

    The question is: how to open a usual window again with all tabs without closing private window?

    I tried click on Vivaldi icon in tab bar – it minimizes/restores the private window. Middle click on it, as well as double click on desktop icon or launch via Start menu opens empty usual window without saved session, that made me very upset what it happened 😞 , because I quickly closed this empty window and it overwrote previous not-empty session with this.

    So, your opinion?

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    @dmitryka The point of private windows is to keep no record. If a private window remembered its data, privacy would be defeated.

  • @dmitryka every tab and window you close should be in the trash can in the upper right corner, alternatively in the window panel, in the sidepanel.

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    @dmitryka Paradoxically, you CAN save sessions from a private window, but afterward they will be openable from either a private or a regular window - and so, once again, privacy has been defeated.

  • @ayespy maybe I wasn't clear. I don't try to reopen session of private window. I just open regular window with last session (loads automatically), then private window, then close regular window and now I can't reopen it again with the same session it (regular window) was opened without closing private window before.

  • @ian-coog thanks, it resolves the main issue (lost session). But what do you think about autoloading last session (if it's set in options) in this case like usual browser start? It was confusing for me to see empty window, while I expected to see my tabs as usual.

  • If there's even a single vivaldi.exe still in memory, running Vivaldi again only means to create a new window. To have Vivaldi restart restoring last session (and only non private windows) you have to make sure no vivaldi process is in memory.

  • @ian-coog okay, thanks for your opinion!


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