Problem with disk cache¡?

  • I like me open a lot of tabs on my browser Today I open a lot of tabs and my hard disk begin to generate a sound, I think the caching have a problem After this sound Vivaldi crash...

  • I'm not an expert, but I really don't see a way in which a browser could cause an unusual sound from the hard drive.

    I'd advise scanning your hard drive with CheckDisk ([Win]+[R] on keyboard, type cmd, [Enter], when the black window pops up type chkdsk C: (assuming Vivaldi is installed on disk C:).

    If it finds anything try chkdsk /F C: and it will try to repair the issues. Note that this might take some time.

  • FWIW, I have had certain software programs go "off into the weeds" with very frequent, repetitive disk accessing which creates a noticeable chattering, buzz-like audio sound. Perhaps a description of the sound would help here… though this reminds me so much of the auto-repair scenario of trying to describe to a mechanic the peculiar sound your car makes upon cornering. :)

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    If your harddrive makes strange noise while a program is running you should check it!
    I may have a damage and R/W problem.

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