Vivaldi choosing TTF webfonts instead of WOFF2

  • Hi,
    for some reason, Vivaldi seems to be preferring TTF version of webfonts instead of WOFF2 like other Blink based browsers seem to do, which leads to it displaying quite a few websites with corrupted/substituted fonts for extended characters.

    For example, this is one of the URLs for webfonts in the CSSS of Google Trends page:

    If you click on this URL in pretty much any other browser I can get my hands on, it fetches an extensive WOFF2 list of font definitions. If you do the same in Vivaldi, it just fetches a basic list of TTF fonts which lack many of the alternatives with extended charsets.

    The result is that the page looks pretty bad in Vivaldi, with certain accented characters being shown in completely different font:

    alt text

    See for yourself:

    The same thing happens on many pages that use webfonts.

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    I remember font issue with webfonts.
    I will have a look in bugtracker.
    !!! no need to report bug to bugtracker.

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    Perhaps the the specially for Google change user agent may affect the wrong font fallback.

    Try use of a extension:

    • Install User Agent Switcher
    • Open Options of User Agent Switcher
    • Add New User-agent name
      Chrome 60
    • Add New User-Agent String
      Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.101 Safari/537.36
    • Add Indicator Flag
    • Add

    Hit User Agent Switcher button and select Chrome โ†’ C60 to fake user agent on the page where it fails.
    Do not forget to switch back to Chrome โ†’ Default which means in this case: Is Vivaldi.

    !!! Tested: :shamrock:
    worked on many pages where the wrong external webfont was displayed.
    My guess of UA problem and a glimpse in :crystal_ball: did make it :hand_splayed:

    I added by User Agent Switcher button at Options to Permanent Spoof List a entry for
    user agent string: Chrome 60


    Works nice for webfonts now :)
    No need to switch around with the button now as the permanent spoof needs no user interaction later.

  • Using the fake user agent listed above does indeed fix the issue on the affected pages (well, at least on those I tried).

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