Most bg tabs not loading styles

  • Not sure if this has already been discussed, feel free to direct me to existing post.

    Vivaldi's become my default browser in last few weeks.
    Noticing on latest 1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit) that bg tabs are consistently loading without styles, or blank. I have to click it to foreground and then refresh page for it load correctly, or at all.
    Didn't have this issue before latest.

    Possibly related to extension, I've been back and forth from a new ones, inc Ghostery (which seems a prime candidate).

    Anyone else experienced this?

  • Moderator

    If all tabs load fine in Private Window its one of your exctensions blocking.

    Clear Cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)
    Deactivate all extensions in Extension Manager (Ctrl+Shift+E)

    1. Activate a extension
    2. Open some background tabs
    3. If content is not loading/missing after you focused them in foreground
      you have the bad (previous enabled) extension
      Redo Step 1


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