Where are bookmarks stored.

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    Oops not used to this style of forum, so not sure how to edit post.
    My desktop hard drive failed and windows would not load, so I installed the drive into another computer to try and retrieve all my documents and files, which I am in the process of so doing.

    Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get all my bookmarks. At a guess I expect them to be in the users folder somewhere but I have no idea how to recover them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hi, Path is published in File > Help > About and called "bookmarks"

    Cheers, mib

  • Go to vivaldi://about/ and check your profile path. This is were your bookmarks are stored. If you have 1.14, you should have sync, this is another option. And bookmarks should be regularly exported to html, just to be safe.

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    @oobydooby If you have slaved the drive to another machine, find the Vivaldi folder, and in it will be an Application folder and a User Data folder. In the User Data folder is a folder called Default. In the Default folder are several files (not folders, but individual files) with no extensions, named things like Bookmarks, Cookies, History, Favicons, etc. Most of these can be moved over to replace their counterparts in your new Vivaldi installation, to recover your data. Login Data and Extensions will be empty you transfer them. Don't even bother to try. Lots of other stuff can be recovered, though.

  • Thanks all for your help, particularly Ayespy. I have transferred my bookmarks and they all work.

    Job done, again thanks.


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