"Reload app" don't work anymore in debug mode?

  • After some vivaldi updates I found that "Reload app" button(in context menu over ui elements) don't do anything.
    Are anyone encountered such a problem? How are you reload custom css/js?
    I'm use Arch Linux x64 and Vivaldi 1.13.1008.34 (Stable channel) (64-bit). Run vivaldi with "--debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api".

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    I don't remember ever using it, mostly because that would be forcing vivaldi to quit in an unusual manner and I didn't want to risk corrupting anything.

    It might have changed around the time of the window handling rewrite.

    If I try to use it now, it just crashes vivaldi to the splash screen (which I changed to look like a BSoD): 0_1515006519963_df87d55b-3cb5-4f97-93df-f594df97a81c-image.png so it might be best to just not click it.

  • I were always use it to reload modified custom styles. How are you reload it on changing css?

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    @hxss I usually just open a new window and close the old one. That follows the usual flow of vivaldi, so bugs are less likely to appear, and it will reload all the stylesheets and scripts.

  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't -- it's been this way since they made the rewrite of the underlying UI.


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