• I am attempting to log on to the web interface of a local device on my own private network. I am receiving the referenced error message. Others browsers allow the ability to bypass this error message, by allowing an exception. Does Vivaldi provide the ability to do this?


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    Bypass: on the error page type the word badidea and it will continue.

    Better: Export your self-signed cert
    Add it to local PKI key store; see

  • @gwen-dragon
    Dear gwen-dragon, sometimes the button "continue anyway" is a good idea. We live in a relative world, not in an absolute one. Just an example: My NAS (a QNAP TS-451) has a certificate and I use it to access to my NAS with the address https:/*** when I'm out of office. When I'm in office the address is either https://***.local or and the only way to get access to my NAS is http because I cannot say continue anyway!


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    @angelo-mascaro Export/Save your NAS certificate

    Add you this certificate to your local certificate store:
    certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -A -t "P,," -n "NAME_FOR_CERTIFICATE" -i NAS_CERT_FILE.pem

    NAME_FOR_CERTIFICATE is a Nickname to know it is used for, if needed later.
    NAS_CERT_FILE.pem is the filename you saved the exported NAS cert file.

  • @angelo-mascaro the full domain name should be usable in the office as well and just require a trip through the office router (with NAT step).
    If this does not work, the firewall/network settings at your office are broken suboptimal.

    Temporary workarround would be to assign a (fixed) DNS entry in your local (office) resolver for the specific <yourdevice> to the appropriate LAN address.
    Then the FQDN is valid there as well (until DNSSEC is rolled out).

    Otherwhise you will allways get a name mismatch, unless you include all local domains (and IP adresses) into the (public facing) certificate.
    Or the QNAP appliance is sophisicated enough to allow different cert setups for LAN and WAN sources.


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