Cache folder location?

  • I searched for this subject but the only threads in relation to cache folder are about changing its location, without mentioning where the default location is.

    Basically, I want to look into the cache folder to find if I can recover a number of image files I had opened with the browser a few months ago but are not available on the web any more. I am not sure if it is possible to find these files in Vivaldi cache folder but at least I want to give it a try.

  • Did you try vivaldi://cache?

    I would suppose that Vivaldi deletes cached files when it clears the reference from history...

  • @morg42 Thank you for the reply. I am checking that page now and can see the links to those files (the links can also be found in Vivaldi history page). Can I recover them?

  • Hi, I am also interested in this question.
    Where are the files?
    If I reload Vivaldi load 10 MB again but not from my SSD, for example.
    I store my old Opera cache even in RAM, this was really fast.
    @Tornike, all database files you can find as path in File Menu > Help > About.

    Cheers, mib

  • I'm not sure; I would suppose so. Sadly, Vivaldi doesn't provide direct file links. The provided original links don't work any more?

  • @mib2berlin Thank you for the hint. This is what the Cache folder looks like for me - no image files though, which is what I am looking for (link to one of the specific files highlighted to the left).

  • @morg42 No, they lead to the default 'Removed' page from Imgur. Thank you for the reply though.

  • Hm, if the files are not stored in the system we don´t need a "Cache" anyway.

    Cheers, mib

  • If the files are still listed in vivaldi://cache, the will most probably still be in the cache folder (which looks completely different here on Mac...)

    What you can try is the following:

    • copy all files from cache folder to another temporary directory
    • rename all files (!) in the cache folder as *.png or *.jpg (ideally the extension you are looking for, but it's not crucial)
    • use a tool like IrfanView to browse the folder. Non-Images will not be shown; wrongly-named files (JPG-files named .png) will elicit a prompt from IrfanView if it should rename them properly
    • copy all files you are looking for and complete the renamin
    • delete the temporary folder

    It's quite some work, but has proven effective for me in the past...

  • I am not even have a cache folder on Linux, haha.
    Maybe I accidentally shut it off.


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