December: a month of celebration on the Vivaldi forum

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    The Vivaldi forum has been bustling with festive activity in December. Here we help you catch up with the most discussed topics in the last month of 2017.

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  • It seems that search engines are important to many users.

    The search engine sort issue on the Search With context menu is already solved in the latest Snapshot.

    The ability to sort searches in the Settings dialogue would be much appreciated. Also, newly added to the long list of feature requests is the option to import search engines.

    @zalex108 said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Import Search Engines.

    Also on the list of requests are the ability to search in a background tab with middle-click, show search engine icons on the Search With menu and in the Search field, and for a Search Panel (like Opera 12).

  • 2nd
    I have to admit getting Vivaldi on Raspberry Pi is interesting as it shows there are many more possibilities with those small devices.



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