Classic Srollbar and Highlight Select Color for Classic Theme

  • I’ve been using selecting the words with mouse pointer when reading any texts on web browsers. Consequently, I’m used to highlight color (dark blue #323268) of Windows' "Classic Theme". Since [b]Chrome 32[/b], the highlight color is changed as bright blue (#328efd). I prepared my [b]Custom.CSS[/b] for Chromium-based browser: [code]::selection { background: #323268; text-shadow: none; }[/code] It is work generally. But some areas, parts of sites, it’s not. Unfortunately, Webkit/Blink can’t support completely this. You may check out for details: [url=][/url] From [b]Vivaldi developers[/b], my request is that support customize main/native highlight selecting color. Also, [b]classic scroll-bars[/b] too, which [b]Opera[/b] implemented that. I’m sorry my bad english.


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