Issue using Vivaldi with Facebook

  • I am in Nevada using Charter to the Internet. My Facebook account gets locked every time I use Vivaldi to access, the error is an attempted login from Seattle using Google Chrome on Windows 7 (I'm on 10). Anything I can do other than use a different browser for Facebook?

  • Moderator

    @petetw As a Nevada user, I can't reproduce your problem - but I'm not on Charter. So it sounds like a Charter/facebook/Vivaldi problem where, for some reason Charter reroutes you through Seattle, and when facebook sees a Seattle login from an "unknown" browser, it blocks you. My provider sometimes reroutes me through Los Angeles, but facebook doesn't seem to care (given that, for each browser instance, I verified to facebook that it was, indeed, me logging in). Any and all of my Vivaldi versions login fine all of the time.

    It's possible facebook sent you a message asking if the Seattle/Vivaldi login was you, and when you didn't answer, it blocked that "device." You can review your devices in facebook and verify any unverified devices.


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