• I hope the mail program will be a bit like opera mail. That will make me happy.

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    I hope the mail program will be a bit like opera mail. That will make me happy.

    You and me both. I've been doing some pretty exhaustive research lately, and there simply aren't any good email clients any more. EVERY ONE of them has internal problems or is missing some critical element(s). The best is still Opera 12.17 (not Opera Mail divorced from the browser, because they broke it when they peeled it off, and refuse to fix it). I turned my old copy of Opera 12.17 into a mail client by hiding every other part of the UI and every other function of the browser. That's my MAPI client right now. Sad.

  • Between web based email, and the explosion of mobile, I have not used a ton of desktop email clients recently. Two that I do like are Geary and Inky Mail. Geary is available for just about every linux distribution. Inky Mail, as of now, is just for Windows desktop and iOS. Apparently, being an early adopter on that one saved me the usual $9.99 price that they charge for it in the app store. I can't imagine they are getting a ton of traction on that, because it is good, but so are a bunch of other mobile email applications.

    Once the vivaldi email gets fleshed out I will probably use it right through the browser on Linux desktop (I have vague memories of using Opera Mail before Gmail), access the account through Gmail on Android, and access it through Inky on iOS and Windows. My advice may not be terribly applicable to "power users" because so much of what I used to do through email with people who I know personally is now done through Hangouts and Skype.


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