Cannot install Snapshot of Vivaldi

  • I wanted to try the new Snapshot 1.14.1047.3. Installation appears to go fine, yet when I start the browser it ends up loading the stable version. This is confirmed by looking at the about page and the lack of the new Sync feature.

    Note this also if I directly click on the .exe file of the snapshot.

    I tried installing the snapshot for all users and single user, but it does not make a difference.

    Anyone having a solution?

  • Moderator

    Uninstall Stable and Snapshot, install Stable for All users on Windows, the install Snaphsot for Single User.
    Then you can start Vivaldi by black Vivaldi icon.
    If you need to have Snapshot as Default browser change it in Vivaldi Settings → Startup and check in Windows Systemsettings for Standard-Apps.

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