Tab Thumbnails at top of screen

  • When I opened my computer this morning several tabs were open from the previous day. When trying to click on Reload on one of them I must have hit something else. What I got, and cannot get rid of are thumbnails of the open tabs at the top of my screen, above the URL bar and taking up two inches of the screen.

    How can I get rid of that?


  • Never mind. I fixed it by pulling up on the red line at the top of the URL bar. That's what I get by standing up while using my desk top on a desk.

  • @bartinva You can also disable the thumbnails under Tools/Settings/Tabs - Tab Display

  • Vivaldi changed the code for this recently, I think. Previously you could have only 1 or 2 pixels showing of the thumbnails -- just a thin line, nowadays it jumps back up and hides automatically, if the margin is that small.

  • I share my pc with someone who also uses Vivaldi so I think they turned tabs on. Thx for this thread needed to get it back the way it was. To busy to play around with stuff like this all the time.

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