Download issues in an Octopus F X phone system web config

  • Deutsche Telekom provides a home/company phone system series "Octopus F X" which can be configured via a HTTPS web portal in the LAN. I discovered a few issues using Vivaldi to download data backups from this system, most probably because JavaScript is involved in providing the downloads.

    Trying to download the internal phone book as a zipped XML file, nothing happens when I click the download button; in a Mozilla browser, the download starts after waiting several seconds.

    Trying to download a wholesome backup, the system offers a pair of TXT and TAR file about at the same time; Vivaldi only saves one of them, the other is lost; a Mozilla browser displays "Save as..." dialogs for both files.

    It may not be easy to track this issue without actually having such a phone system, I fear... But if you can imagine any way how I could help you fixing this misbehaviour, don't hesitate to tell me.


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