Mod Quick Commands list item height is buggy?

  • Hi all, i mod the Quick Commands popup by increase width & height of the display zone, but it's kinda buggy. Sometimes, the item list won't show the bottom half items that suppose to fit into display zone, & sometimes the top half items will not display until I scroll to refresh the list... Did i do something wrong or there r hidden settings that limit the number of item display within Quick commands?

    Here is the mod it come up with:

    /* quick commands */
    .quick-command-container { min-width: 75vw; }
    .quick-command-container .quick-commands { max-height: 400px; }
    .quick-command-container .quick-commands > div { min-width: 75vw; height: 400px !important; }
    .quick-command-container .quick-commands > div > div { max-width: 100vw !important; }

    Thanks for the help.

  • @dude99 In the Vivaldi code the height is given in px and the width in em. Using this it seems to work for me. At least I didn't encounter the bug you described.


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