Shortcut Woes Using Vivaldi

  • I'm having trouble using global shortcuts when Vivaldi is my active window. Vivaldi
    seems to be catching/blocking ones that it should be ignoring.

    For example, In my System->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Service, I have Cmd-Shift-2
    set to open/access a utility app called Liquid.

    If I highlight some text and hit that shortcut on Chrome, it works as expected.

    If I highlight some text and hit that short cut on Vivaldi, nothing happens.
    I've checked that nothing in the preferences->keyboard is conflicting - even
    going os far as to manually delete every Vivaldi shortcut. This same problem
    occurs with several apps that have shortcuts set in my system preferences.

    The slightly weird thing is that this happens to some global shortcuts but not all
    of them. For example, cmd-space still opens launch and cmd-c and cmd-v work
    as expected.

    It seems as if it's not allowing shortcuts that I've set in systems->keyboard->shortcuts
    to pass through.

    Does anyone have any ideas that might help me?

  • Strange, try and disable keyboard shortcuts, instead of deleting all of them and see if it works then -- uncheck "Allow all keyboard shortcuts" in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/

    Global shortcuts should still work though, if they don't conflict. If you can recreate this reliably you should make a bugreport.

  • I tried disabling shortcuts but same behavior: global shortcut doesn't work in Vivaldi but if I switch over to Chrome or any other app (it seems) the global shortcut works as expected.

    I went ahead and filed a bugreport. Thanks.


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