Bing search hijacking

  • It's extremely annoying to start your browser and do a search and suddenly wonder why searches are crap and everything looks weird. Then you realize again that Bing has somehow hijacked your browser settings and has been set as default.

    I'm sure Vivaldi is being paid a fortune by Microsoft to keep doing this to us, but could you please stop? Please?

    I don't mind people using Bing. Knock yourselves out. But once I literally delete the damned thing from the settings, I don't want it to just come back on its own and set itself as the default.

  • @kimmoj So just spend 5 seconds to go into settings and delete it again. In the time you have lost writing this post, you could have deleted Bing 4 times already.

  • Moderator

    Wrong, there is no search hijacking.

    Open Vivaldi Settings → Search
    Set your preferred search first
    Delete the unwanted

  • @kimmoj It's unclear what 'hijacking' you're describing. Does it just appear spontaneously, after a version update, after an OS update, always/only upon startup, after visiting a particular site... what are the details? I've been using Vivaldi since it first emerged, and through all those versions, I've yet to see anything like what you're describing. I have, however, noted problem reports occasionally from other users who have actually had their search engine seemingly hijacked by adware/malware that has entered their system and browser in various ways.

  • It can happen, I saw it reappearing some updates ago, and I also had some double entries including Google. But it was never set as default for me.
    There was some wrong doing, now after some snapshots updates I can say this isn't happening again.


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