How can I sort and manage webpanel icons?

  • it looks like I can't drag the icons on the sidebar. if I want to change the order of the icons, is deleting and adding them by order the only way?
    and how can I manage and export the list of sidebar icons?

  • Moderator

    In 1.13 the order is the order of installation.

    Sorting webpanel icons my moving them will come in some next 1.14 Snapshots next year.

    Excuse for my unprecise answer.
    Oh, yes! In 1.14 Snapshot you can move webpanel icons by mouse (i.e. sort all web panels) but you can not move them up onto the other panel icons.
    Thats what i wanted to say.

  • In Snapshots we can already do this

    It's wonderful.

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