Two Vivaldi applications installed on Windows 10

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    Why are there two instances of Vivaldi installed? Why is one 32-bit? Why is one older than the other?

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    These two are Snapshot installations.
    May be the 64bit did not work for you (f.ex. 64bit needs more RAM) and you have tested the 32bit?
    Uninstall the one you do not need.

  • Same thing happened as last time, Dragon.

    Both instances got removed.

    Any other solution?

  • Moderator

    Perhaps the Revo Uninstaller does show wrong if you uninstalled both.

    check as regular user on Windows menu → Settings → Apps → Apps & Features
    check as Administrator Windows menu → Settings → Apps → Apps & Features
    check on page Apps & Features the related link to 'Programs and Features'

    if there are really the Vivaldi versions installed you should find them there.

    Or did you install a Snapshot as a Standalone version? Then use Explorer and enter %LOCALAPPDATA% in address field and search for vivaldi.exe files.

  • There were two instance on W10 and Revo. Today, I uninstalled using Windows 10.

    I didn't install the applicatin as a standalone.


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