Master Password for Saved Passwords!

  • I really need this feature, I hope others feel the same. When I will have Master Password I would be able to share my Vivaldi browser with other people. I hope Vivaldi will incorporate this feature. What do you people say?

  • Yes, very important feature.

  • I need it also!!! Please add this function!

  • @utksingh

    i agree, needed functionality for a 'safe' browser.

    Even better would be a 'startup' password.

  • 3 years later, i wonder if this will finally be implemented.
    it's impossible to store passwords if the browser is shared.

    everybody can connect to all accounts with logins/passwords of everyone very easily.

    it's a critical privacy issue, why isn't it a priority? the browsing experience is clearly not the same if we have to enter each time every logins/password manualy when you have lot of accounts.

    i have to stick with firefox whereas vivaldi has a huge potential 😞

  • Moderator

    I don't understand the problem. If you want to share a computer with others, just use separate logins. Install Vivaldi separately for each user and let each user have their own privacy, and set their own preferences, speed dials, etc.

  • @pesala So according to you all password managers apps or the one that are integrated in other browsers that use a master password are all in the error because you think there is already the Windows session password?

    Don't you see (not only in this topic, but also here or here or here or here or here or here or etc....) that this feature is very awaited and useful for lot of people? Maybe their (our) needs are not the same as yours, why dont take them into account?

  • @tteesstt Vivaldi uses the Chromium password management infrastructure.
    The code is platform dependent. It has high integration with system password management systems (where available):

    • macOS keychain
    • KDE kwallet
    • DBUS org.freedesktop.Secret.Service
    • nothing available on Windows

    Replacing it is not a trivial matter.
    Many full-time password managers fail to do an acceptable job in securing user passwords (information leaks).

    User separation is a reasonably well tested operating system task.
    No amount of work in user applications will come close to offer adequately close security guarantees (on platforms available to this date).

    tl;dr: this is hard, doing it right nearly impossible and there are already far better ways to achieve the same effect.


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