Text highlighting color is white

  • I've installed Vivaldi on a new Linux installation. I carried over my old profile. There were some problems, such as cookies not being saved, but I solved that by changing file permissions on the profile, to include Write, for the new User.

    But selecting text is impossible to see, because the background color is white. This can been seen on dark pages. I installed the Highlight Color extension as a workaround, but even that doesn't change the b/g color from white.

    So if it's not permissions, I don't know what the problem is.

  • Did you try with a clean profile first, to check if it's really the fault of your old Vivaldi profile? Do you have the same Vivaldi version installed on both installations?

  • I think I tried a clean profile, but I've been going through so many installations here I could be wrong on that. Yes, same version. IAC, the problem seems to have resolved itself. No idea why. Thanks.

  • @paul1149 In the future copying Vivaldi profiles won't be necessary anyway. Sync will take care of this on its own soon enough, hopefully.

  • Right. I look forward to that, and hope it will cover extensions and their settings as well.

  • Strange, after a couple of days being fine, the problem is now back.


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