Bookmark Bar Can't Move Bookmarks

  • On the left side panel bookmark button I can move things around but I would want to use the bookmark bar on the top side and I can move folders around but if I go into a folder, everything I click in that folder whether if it's with left or right click just opens the link and I can't drag bookmarks around

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    @skasix The Bookmarks Bar is unfinished. However, since it's a TON of code to write for all of the features it should have, and as all editing and organizing tools are available in the bookmarks panel and the bookmarks editor (found on the Start Page), there is no rush to pull anyone off of the major features that are being worked on, to devote their time to this feature. It will come - it's just not a high priority at the moment.

  • Ah alright

  • @ayespy can't wait for that.

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