Autocomplete oddity introduced a couple of updates ago.

  • This is a strange one, IMO. If I go to a site I've been to before, but the page is slightly different, the autocomplete will sometimes delete the characters as I type. For example, going to something like and then going to will get mangled with the forward slash being deleted as soon as I type it. I end up with http://website.comotherpage.

    It doesn't just happen with forward slashes, either. If I'm going to, then try to go to, I end up losing the e when I type it, so if I'm not paying attention, I end up with, thanks to the autocomplete.

    And it seems to be almost random when it happens. Sometimes I can type the same address three times before it behaves normally, other times it seems to get the hint after the first retype.

    Currently using v1.13.1008.40, and it's been that way for at least a couple of updates now.

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