Vivaldi-preview has installed conflicts

  • after installing vivaldi-preview on Fedora 21, I get this error: $ yum check vivaldi-preview- has installed conflicts vivaldi-stable: vivaldi-preview- I have only one version of vivaldi installed: $ rpm -qa|grep vivaldi vivaldi-preview-

  • Both attempt to create a link named "vivaldi" pointing to themselves; that link is probably the conflict you have.

  • This is happening because the spec file is incorrect:

    $ rpm -q -p –provides vivaldi-preview-
    vivaldi-stable =
    vivaldi-preview =
    vivaldi-preview(x86-64) =
    $ rpm -q -p --conflicts vivaldi-preview-
    xorg-x11-libX11 < 7.6_1
    libX11 < 1.4.99

    You shouldn't conflict the same thing you provide, especially without specific version ranges.

  • same thing for the latest vivaldi-snapshot:

    $ rpm -q -p –provides vivaldi-snapshot-
    vivaldi-unstable =
    vivaldi-snapshot =
    vivaldi-snapshot(x86-64) =
    $ rpm -q -p --conflicts vivaldi-snapshot-
    xorg-x11-libX11 < 7.6_1
    libX11 < 1.4.99

  • I have the same problem on Mandriva. Is there a way around? :unsure:

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