How to delete particular autofill text from an input field?

  • I often purchase stuffs from online store and use a website to track the shipment. By the time, the tracking numbers I entered were added to the "saved text" and appear as autofill when I point my pointer to the tracking field.

    Sorry for my language, I hope you will understand with following picture:

    alt text

    Is there any way to remove particular text from the list? I need to remove "completed shipment" and leave the rest for future tracking. In Opera, I can achieve this by clicking "X" button next to the text/numbers.

    I've seen another request for this feature from three months ago and wishing this can be implemented.

    Thank you.

  • Highlight the text in the dropdown list then shift-del to delete the entries.
    You're correct that it should need a visual "X" on the right of the fields to be able to delete them with mouse too.

  • @ian-coog

    Thank you, I wish I know it earlier 🙂

    Just a reminder to myself (or other readers in the future):
    In Mac, this method can be achieved by highlighting the text then press Shift+Fn+delete.


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