Main shortcomings of Vivaldi

  • I think that Vivaldi is a great browser which has a brilliant future among all browsers. Recently, I replaced my Firefox with Vivaldi and I’m completely satisfied with my decision. However, Vivaldi has some shortcomings; some of them are somehow annoying and can disappoint new users. I think that Vivaldi Company should take these shortcomings seriously and offer a complete browser in the future. The main shortcomings of Vivaldi, in my opinion, are as follows:

    1. Vivaldi consumes approximately all CPU and RAM capacity, especially when more than one tab is opened. Even sometimes it causes my PC freezing and stops working.
    2. Right-click on a bookmark merely opens it, instead of opening the right click window – as we see in other browsers.
    3. The opening of websites sometimes is very sluggish and disappointing.
    4. Sometimes I should click twice on a tab to open it; which slows down my browsing.
    5. Vivaldi logo is a bit unsophisticated and non-professional. I think Vivaldi should select a classier and more elegant logo.
      I hope that Vivaldi team consider these defects and fix them.

  • For points 1, 3 and 4, I encourage you to try disabling any extension or even with a Clean installation.

    • Vivaldi Help > Full reset of Vivaldi.
      | - And rename (don't delete) the profile folder -.

    For point 5 you can change the icon at least on the browser's menu, search for "Menu" on settings.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Vivaldi Stable · Snapshot

    Vivaldi Reset and Back up

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    @vahid-moosavi As to your #2, the bookmark bar coding is incomplete. That said, right-click on a bookmark generates a context menu in either the bookmark panel or the bookmark editor (the page you get from the "bookmarks" link on the start page). As there are multiple ways to organize and edit bookmarks, the extensive coding to build a context menu for the bookmarks bar is not a high priority.


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