Can't set allowed cookies

  • being able to allow cookies has worked until today: "click on padlock icon>site settings>click on left arrow next to at top of page>cookies>add, at bottom of page."

    I recently reinstalled Vivaldi as standalone, on both laptop and desktop, so that I can control location of 'user data' folder.
    Allowing cookies still works on laptop, but on desktop "click on left arrow next to" now does nothing. In fact, none of the drop down boxes on the settings page respond. ie: after clicking on 'site settings' I get to a non responsive settings page.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled; Copied back my 'user data' folder. still having the problem. Is it something in the 'user data' folder, that I can delete to fix the problem? (i'd rather not star with a a new 'user data' folder, and have redo all bookmarks, previously allowed cookies, etc). something else?

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    @astro46 You can refresh your profile and you won't lose anything important.

  • @ayespy I did as you suggested. renaming default and then copying certain files over. Seems like the problem is fixed, and all is working ok, as far as I can tell.

    I am thinking that the problem arose from me syncing 'user data' from laptop to desktop, over writing the desktop folder. I guess that this doesn't work so well in vivaldi. I need to be able to sync between the two computers, not daily or constantly, but maybe once a week. Since vivaldi sync sounds like it is still in development, what do you suggest? Just copy over the files/folders that I transferred to default folder after the refresh?

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    @astro46 That would work, but sync will be out soon.


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