My experiences in setting up sync in Snapshot 1.14.1047.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) | Errors/Issues I am encountering, and successes and otherwise

  • I am submitting this topic in hopes of helping and learning from anyone similar to myself that has either had trouble getting their sync setup and working or have had success in setting it up but have also encountered errors/issues thereafter.

    I just jumped onto the latest Snapshot 1.14.1047.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) after learning (late) that sync had been added in a few prior snapshot releases back. I was at the latest stable build up to and until I learned of this feature being available in beta or whatever state it may be considered officially on Vivaldi's end.

    Below are bullet points (for sake of dragging on and keeping it as frank and to the point as possible) of the things I ended up having to do in order to finally get my syncing to work from my main desktop home computer with my desktop pc at work and also the errors/issues I have encountered or am experiencing now after getting sync to commit.

    I literally spent a good portion of my holiday time trying to figure out what was going wrong and why the sync was not working and how I can get it to work - sifting through thread after thread and so forth with literally nothing wholly available in one place enough nor a sum of many different parts from threads to help me figure it out - and finally through like hundreds of trial and error scenarios did I finally get the sync to commit on my work desktop with my main home desktop pc...

    Prior to installing Snapshot (latest build, as mentioned above) I did the following:

    1. Completely (DESTROY) uninstall and remove all data from your current stable vivaldi build
      (save user data folder in local app data folder for precautionary measures but basically just prepare mentally that you are going to need to completely redo your settings, install your extensions and panels etc in order for this to work as it should).

    After uninstalling any/all current builds of Vivaldi on your system and removing any trace of any of it:

    1. Install latest Vivaldi Snapshot build
      • I installed to default local [...]Users/xyz/AppData/Vivaldi and PER USER, did not try any other way.
    2. Setup user account (if you don't already have one).

    Reminder - Review all sync log data and status updates by going here:

    VERY IMPORTANT (At least did the trick for me after hours and hours of ridiculously wasted and failed efforts)

    A) COMPLETELY SHUT-DOWN/QUIT any instance of Google Backup and Sync you might have running on your system...

    I could not get the sync to "data sync to commit" forever and tried everything and then finally just decided to close down Google backup and Sync and restart my browser once more, and WUALAH, it committed and began to finally compare my main home desktop pc browser sync data with my newly installed snapshot build vivaldi work desktop browser)

    • Go to sync in settings or by clicking the cloud icon in status bar.
    • Sign into your account (passphrase, too)
    • Sync, my first commit success took a good half hour or so but once it finished I had all my extensions installed, bookmarks added, passwords intact (all three, most important).

    Pitfalls/Errors/Issues experiencing after sync commit complete:

    • Settings did not completely transfer
      (I mean, most of them but will append/edit this because I am still realizing more and more that did not transfer)
      • Themes say they were successfully applied, none are visible in settings (on Work Desktop Vivaldi - I want my entire setup of my Main home Vivaldi browser - I completely set it up from scratch in order to remove old an freshly install the latest Vivaldi snapshot build on my work and laptop and retrieve everything exactly the way I always want it to far, about halfway there and certainly still not bad at all and I am very happy, nonetheless).
    • I have disabled every single extension but still can not find a way to have the Last Session appear when I close/reopen my frustrating and for me, this has been a most ongoing annoyance for me with the browser but of course, I understand things are bound to happen with anything new and growing).
    • I use daily, for everything. I literally can not even try to go to my main board or ANY for that matter since setting up sync and installing the latest snapshot build...if I even attempt to go to my trello board or, even, the entire browser freezes for so long I have to hard close it from task manager and restart...this is really frustrating and am hoping I am just missing something that can fix this and it not be an issue with the build/browser settings or otherwise.

    This may be onerous and out of place and I understand if that's the case and sincerely apologize. I also know its everywhere and wordy and I am just trying to jot down everything I can think of at the moment before I continue moving on and possibly forget the little steps that got me a long way in getting this oh-so-lovely sync finally connected, committing and working, in general, let alone getting about 50% give or take in total syncage(sic) per error/issues.

    I plan to edit/append to this as I understand/learn/realize more, please let me know what you all are experiencing or if any of this helped you and/or if you are having same issues yourselves with sites like or others. Basically, let's just help each other figure out how to get this sync working flawlessly as humanly possible for the sake of everything that is awesome in Vivaldi browser land.


  • Did you want to sync to another Vivaldi instance? Otherwise, you might just have gotten away clean with just installing (upgrading) the latest snapshot over your existing stable installation. Worked just fine here...

    Can't really reproduce the "last session" thing, but I'm on another platform...

  • @morg42 I actually did install (upgrade) the latest snapshot over my existing stable installation and spent numerous hours trying and retrying to connect to vivaldi sync and even continued to try on and off over a course of two days (assuming there may just be times where their servers are not up to par in some way or another)...unfortunately, after numerous tries and constantly getting the failed connection status I decided to just start completely from scratch. It worked and synced my first attempt. Then, that began the challenge of trying to figure out the next step of committing the data sync once downloaded on my other computers...It's wild how many things I have tried aside from starting just from ground zero and to still find a new obstacle each and every way. But, so it goes and is to be expected and I understand it. I just figured I would provide my own experiences in case it helps someone on similar platform and possibly even helping myself at spots along the way...I don't know, I've spent too much time trying to get this sync to work that it clearly shows I love this browser and want it to just WORK so I digress. Thanks for your suggestion/response.

  • I don't know when exactly you tried this, but do bear in mind that sync still is a beta feature and known to episodically drop out of function. This was especially the case over the christmas days... ๐Ÿ™‚

  • In my case, using an old profile even from a Snapshot didn't worked.
    I've made two profiles to test it and worked fine - I've used the Standalone option -.

    After 2 days, the first "broken" sync profile started to work.

    You can try creating another profile and avoid any problem.
    Use the sync Option at the beginning.

    Try to export any setting from extensions to be faster setting them on the new profile.

    You can find the "How to" for export Bookmarks, WebData, Login... on the signature's link.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Vivaldi Stable ยท Snapshot

    Vivaldi Reset and Back up

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    Sync is in hard testing yet for real life, such server crashes happen, and Sync is running on a testing version of Vivaldi.
    Until Sync is not released as a Vivaldi Stable feature you may see issues.

    And please respect hat over the holidays the hard working team can not garantee a 24/7/365/100% server-up time.

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    @vintaclectic I hope your passion for Vivaldi will not disappear like snow in spring.

  • @gwen-dragon I hope you didn't address me? I'm fully aware of the effort the dev team is putting into Vivaldi, and I'd be just as happy if the took off for a whole month (as long as they come back afterwards... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ )

  • @morg42 Half of me continues to believe I understand and know this (which I do and have and expect it, as I've even mentioned in prior messages) and the other half of me obviously avoids reality near absolutely by choosing to still go forward and spend countless hours trying to find some way some how to get something, syncing for this matter, to work when clearly I already know it's just going to be iffy off and on for a while, at least for now while in beta, and that nothing I do and no matter how much time I spend convincing myself there's some magical way around it I always unfortunately have to surrender to reality...and suffer the consequences that arise from the conscious review of my ways in hindsight...I think I just needed to read/hear exactly what you made clear and of which I already knew but simply and stubbornly chose to refuse as fact and as a result wasted too much time on something bound to be an absolute waste of time from the outset...I am more or less journal-ling my nonsense and for that, forgive me. Thanks for leveling me with some straightforward truth. Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • @gwen-dragon Never in a million years! I have no disdain or anything towards any part of this amazing browser. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am just sharing some of my own experiences and hoping to find some feedback from others from their own experiences to see if there's anything I may not have thought of or can do in meantime when some things are a big buggy or otherwise. Nothing about any of my messages today ever suggest ill intentions or that I am going to ever stop using this awesome browser. I am here with you guys all the way, been with you all since the beginning as well.

    Best of Luck in the New Year!

  • @vintaclectic Hehe. Thanks for your words. Sometimes it's hard living with beta software. But hey - we got all the features nobody else has. Not even Chrome has intermittent sync ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    (and for being a beta feature, it works quite well!)

  • @morg42 @Gwen-Dragon I could not agree more and totally understand the bittersweet living arrangement that is oh-so inevitable between a user and a beta program. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good news, in the 24 hours since creating this thread I have had absolutely no syncing issues from my work to home desktop browser applications. Aside from the expected miscellaneous and whatnot the particulars that I find most necessary and as priority from extensions/settings to bookmarks and history and so forth are fully synced and I honestly can't explain the feeling of excitement that runs rampant everytime I see something sync from one to the odd it is, certainly never expected to be so excited about such a thing at any point in my life, but hey, when something phenomenal is created it just happens to manifest itself into something more than an intangible piece of software.

    Lastly, with all that love/lust for said living beast of a browser, the two main issues I am facing are as follows (never had an ounce of issue with either of these prior to snapshot/sync setup and they are my two most visited/used resources, websites):

    1. will not load - it breaks the browser, browser goes to complete black after about 5-10 mins of frozen loading.

    2. Google sheets (I handle nearly my entire personal and profressional life in hundreds of my G Sheets) does the exact thing, goes through exact same process...I've not been able to successfully load either a google spreadsheet nor board since I downloaded newest snapshot and setup my sync.

    I understand completely if there is a better place for me to submit these two particular pieces of feedback, please just guide me there if that's the case.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!


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