tab groups manager

  • I'm looking at alternatives since this no longer is compatible with FF . Vivaldi seems to come very close.

    I am able to group tabs, however, the group has the name of one of the tabs. I am unable to change the name of one of the fixed name tabs.

    What I am after is to have a tab with a consistent name e.g. music/comp/bus/sci cf the name of a folder or directory and put all the relevant tabs to that 'folder' in that 'folder'.

    In FF [before that function was no longer available], I had something like 20 'folder' names holding about 200 tabs. This may seem extreme but when they are ordered like this, I can jump from one to another quickly and they also serve as a reminder to follow things up.


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    @luber1 You can rename tab stacks if you enable the setting. in settings/tabs.


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