Vivaldi - issues with window management

  • I'm running Mint (Cinammon) with Open Box window manager (32-bit). Prior to this snapshot I had the issue with the minimize button not working (or rather it popping straight back up into the foreground).. That seems fixed now but.. 1) The previous snapshot would come to the foreground when I left-clicked anywhere on a visible part of the page.. Now I can only foreground it by using alt-tab cycling.. 2) There are no window decorations, no solid border or titlebar supplied by openbox, and instead of using my openbox configured mouse buttons to resize (right mouse button), I have to use the left one

  • Update, clicking anywhere on the Vivaldi window does make the WM think its in the foreground (alt-tab has it top of the list..) but.. its still drawn underneath other windows.. I have to alt-tab away and back to see it properly..

  • Can confirm that the minimize window bug also is gone on Kubuntu 14.04 with lightdm window manager.
    Everything else also seems to work now on KDE desktops.

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