Procedure for creating logos - Question for moderator.

  • As promised, I have now completed my write-up on methods and reasoning regarding the creation of logos. This runs to some 3200 words.

    Am I allowed to simply post this to the forum or is there some special procedure I must follow ?

    Naturally, I will hold off until I receive your instructions --- which may well be understandably delayed, given the date !

    I send my compliments of the Season and Best Wishes to all on the forum ---

    Merry Christmas from hatrack

  • @hatrack You can create and share any logos you please. But you can't expect Vivaldi to use them.

  • @luetage
    I thank you for your reply but I fear you have misunderstood this matter.

    I am both elderly and visually impaired due to macular degeneration. A few days ago I was posting here on this subject and it was suggested that I write up my thoughts about logos for use by those who have visual difficulties. This was to include procedures needed for the creation of these logos (AKA "Thumbnails") and something of the rationale behind my proposals.

    I have done this and am now asking for guidance as to how and where I should post this lengthy document (3200 words). I understand and always intended that a user of Vivaldi would generate their own set, reflecting their own needs and degree of impairment. There is no suggestion that the Vivaldi organisation would use my ideas although I would be perfectly happy if they did so. There are no obligations placed on either party and my proposals have been written in the spirit of a helpful forum member. If no one likes or uses my ideas, I wont lose any sleep --- I am perfectly happy with Vivaldi and it has completely replaced Firefox, which has been my browser of choice since Vers: 3.x. The write-up describes how I work with Vivaldi and I shall continue to do this until I think of a better scheme, irrespective of the final reply I get to this enquiry.

    You will note that my question was addressed to the moderators and so I propose to wait until I receive guidance from them.

    Best regards and Compliments of the Season --

  • @hatrack I'm not a moderator, but I have a thought:-
    Perhaps you could post it on your "blog" here on Vivaldi Community, then provide a link in a (or even this) thread.

  • @TbGbe

    Thank you for your suggestion but, as it's Christmas Day, I'm not in a hurry.

    I think that instead, I'll cook and eat my dinner and pudding, have a sherry or three, followed by a nice Brandy and then, a nice nap afterwards until tea-time.

    By which time, one of the moderators will possibly have seen my post and provide a definitive answer.

    Thank you again and "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to you and yours,

    Best regards --

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