1.13.1008.40 ignores startup setting + auto history wipe extension doesn't seem to work

  • Hi,

    I'm a fairly new Vivaldi user, coming from FF and Chrome, trying out Vivaldi to see if it could serve as my main browser.

    Issue 1. My preferred startup page is about:blank, however, V now always starts up with the speed dials no matter the setting.

    Details: A few days ago I upgraded to 1.13.1008.40 stable (x64), and since then V always starts up with the "start page" (the page that has the speed dial) instead of about:blank as it is configured to do. My previously working configuration has settings/startup/startup set to specific pages with http://about:blank specified. This setting now doesn't work, in fact, other pages (like news sites etc) are ignored as well. I've also tried startup with set to homepage, and setting homepage to specific page, also to about:blank. This doesn't work either.

    However, when I close the initial tab, a blank page appears, so the setting does have some effect just not at startup.

    Issue 2. Vivaldi remembers extension state from previous session despite the Auto History Wipe extension being set to wipe everything.

    Details: Chrome and V don't have a setting (that I liked in FF very much) to wipe all history, cookies, saved stuff on exit, but the extension Auto History Wipe seems to be able to do just about the same. For V, it worked until the last upgrade, but extension states are now not wiped (e.g. still logged in to lastpass, rikaikun still active after restart). Auto History Wipe is set to wipe everything.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Should I try to reset settings or reinstall to see if this happens with a clean slate?

    PS I tried to search for some issues but didn't find much relevant information. If I missed something important, please point me to the right thread. Much appreciated.

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    1. You should set Settings → Tabs → New Tab page to about:blank the all new tabs get a blank page for a new tab.

    2. The extension is old and the Vivaldi History work little different from Chromium browsers.
      You can have Settings → Privacy to store the History only for the current session.
      Or what do you need to get?

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    As to your suggestions,

    ad 1) Setting is already that way. However, my issue was with the startup page specifically, not new tabs. New tabs worked fine as I wrote above.

    ad 2) This setting is also this way already. Browsing history doesn't really give me any idea of what's really deleted. Is it just the pages I visited? I'm looking for a solution to erase browsing data similar to what the clear private data function does but automatically on each exit, and with the ability to select what to delete. Are you saying the extension Auto Wipe History does not work on Vivaldi?

    On the other hand, I'm not experiencing the same issues today. I have the feeling Vivaldi was having some temporary problems after updating that were fixed by a (few) restart(s).

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    @gwen-dragon said in 1.13.1008.40 ignores startup setting + auto history wipe extension doesn't seem to work:


    Settings → Startup as 'Special Page' adding about:blank works after entered and deleting the appearing http:// in front.
    Now my 1.13 Vivaldi starts with blank page.



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